Few words About game...

Freespace CG is created and based on the universe of Freespace 1 and 2 computer game. In the game the player impersonates the fleet commander of one of three nations that form the Freespace universe. From the available cards the player creates the armada that will be led by him in the battle.

FS CG is a game for 2-6 players. At the beginning, each player creates their own unique fleet from the cards available. The fleet comprises for the most part of a wide range of ships beginning from Juggernauts through destroyers to small, but deadly dangerous, cruisers.

The fleet comprises also of fighter and bomber wings transported in the hangars of bigger units. If necessary, they are given backup by the transporters and orbital stations of various purposes. The fleet also works as a logistic backup as well as and a storage for equipment and technologies owing to which you gain important advantage over your enemy. Finally, the fleet is the people. These are commanders, elite divisions, common pilots and marines who are under your command.

 In order to manage available resources and units efficiently, you are given a wide range of commands at your disposal starting from simple ones, such as to perform evasion maneuvers, ending on the ones, concerning complicated operations on the enemy’s background.

Sometimes you will have to face unexpected events such as losing contact, or subspace disruptions preventing units from moving. A good leader will be able to use them to weaken the military potential of the enemy and to deal him as great damage as possible. The battle in the world of Freespace is won by the player who destroys the greatest number of units and takes control over the key areas located near the jump holes at the lowest cost.

In order to win the game you will have to skillfully manage resources available and dispose them to repair your units, improve them, and build the new ones.

Choosing your race is not without importance.

At your disposal you will have a possibility to command the Terran war machine which bases on the experience derived from two previous conflicts as well as on the past bloody history.  The next is the Vasudan fleet, for which defending its own heritage became top priority after when the Shivan superdestroyer wiped out their homeworld. Finally, you might choose Shivans themselves, whose targets and origin remain equally unknown.