Welcome to offical webpage of FreeSpace Card Game.

FreeSpace CG is a card game created and based on the universe of Freespace 1 and 2 computer game. Here you can become fleet commander of one of three nations that creates FreeSpace universe and leed them in to the battle.


    First set of cards has been released!

    At THIS location you can download Terran, Vasudan cards, Damage Counters and also Card Boxes for both species.


    Game Rules has been released!

    They are available at THIS location.


    Pack of new Damage Counters is set and ready for use. Thats how they look:

    Too About section has been added presentation of cards for all three races.


    Finely last 14 missing cards get their pictures and are update in Card List section. Also there were few major changes to other cards abilities, those will be update shortly after grammar cheek is ready.


    As you can see page and is set and working properly. There is few things like Forum and Download section that hasn't been yet updated. Forum should be ready in few days, download options when basic game will be release. Enjoy exploring of page and wait for new site updates.